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 Cultural Diversity Club Overview

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Jichang Ni

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PostSubject: Cultural Diversity Club Overview   Mon May 25, 2009 2:54 pm

What is CDC?

Cultural Diversity Club is a club build on achieving unity with the different ethnicities around us. CDC celebrate many events to celebrate each of our unique backgrounds such as International Night, Black History Month, and etc. Annually the Cultural Diversity Club holds a night of performances and food from different countries.  

International Night is one of CDC big events with the intention of representing traditions of different cultures through dance, songs, clothing, food, and art.  International Night begins with a food testing of traditional courses made by students' parents in the cafeteria.  Follow by performances by cultural groups such as Latin dance teams, African youth choir, Italian folk dancers, Chinese dancers, and many more.

During Black History Month and Chinese New Years,  the Cultural Diversity Club members educate their peers on lesser known influential black and asian leaders, activist, and writers.  The event’s short plays are used to promote understanding by shedding light on the history behind them.

CDC also celebrates their annual Peace Ceremony where the members produce skits about the consequences of violence. Cultural Diversity is not just a club, it is a way of life.
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Cultural Diversity Club Overview
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