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 Senior's International Relations Seminar Overview

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Jichang Ni

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PostSubject: Senior's International Relations Seminar Overview   Mon May 25, 2009 5:34 pm

What is IR?

You have normal school classes and then you have the International Relations Class of West Catholic. This class is no ordinary class. Under the guidance of Joseph Selfridge, the IR class were able to have hands on experiences in what they are learning.

Books are so like 10 years ago. Although brought up in a generation of radio and black and white TV, Joseph Selfridge is quick to acknowledge the value of technology. The IR Class is taught with up to date information and real time news reports.

In the IR Class, students are able to experience heated debates with various topics ranging from global warming to nuclear weapons. They have the opportunity to hear from numerous knowledgeable speakers in classroom held lectures. Students of this class have publish a book, held web cam debate with a Mexican school, role play the future of Cuban-US relations, and many more.

The IR Class is able to offer to its students truly invaluable lessons that they normally do not experience in a normal Classroom.
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Senior's International Relations Seminar Overview
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