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Jichang Ni

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PostSubject: RULES: READ   Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:20 am

This forum is being headed by people that are serious, but otherwise are pretty lenient people. However, if you cross a certain line or repeat offenses, I will take glee in banning your cyber profiles out of here. So here are the rules. Enjoy. flower

1. No cursing
2. No spamming- Gets you banned real fast.
3. Advertising your personal links, unless approved by me- will get you banned real quick.
4. If you got a problem with someone, get each other's addresses and fight each other in the real world (just kidding), not here.
5. Respect all moderators, admins and myself, and we will do the same
6. Don't post irrelevant threads in irrelevant topics- Will be warned and multiple offenses could result in a ban.
7. For help, just message the mods or admins- we will help you.
8. No post padding, doing so will not only cost us valuable band width, but also make you seem like a jerk.
9. Don't impersonate anyone (mods, high ranked members, etc).
10. Scamming is prohibited.
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