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 International Studies Program Overview

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Jichang Ni

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PostSubject: International Studies Program Overview   Mon May 25, 2009 2:46 pm

What is IS?

The International Studies Program of West Catholic High School is a very unique program offered to the students. Students who completed four years of this program will receive a distinguished title as International Studies Major on their high school diploma. What this program offer are once in a life time opportunities. How many high schools students would have the opportunity to shake George W. Bush’s hand or hear Henry Kissinger speak? Not many. Through participation in this program, students have been to sumo demonstrations, Japanese Tea Ceremonies, Condoleeza Rice lecture, Paul Bremer lecture, Thomas Friedman lecture, North Korean Worldview lecture, workshop on Turkey, lectures on women’s rights, John Bolton lecture, discussions on terrorism, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates lecture, Yu Hua lecture, and many, many more. The International Studies Program gives the students exposure to the top minds and leaders of today, in hopes that they will one day follow in these role models’ footsteps.

Requirements to be an IS Studies Major:

· Participation in the Program for all four years of high school.

· 4 years active participation in the World Affairs Club.

· 4 years active participation in the Cultural Diversity Club.

· Must attend at least 5 lectures/events throughout each school year.

· Attendance in all major IS meetings.

· * Must maintain a satisfactory GPA in all social study classes.

* - Applies to International Studies Scholarship winners only.
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International Studies Program Overview
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