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 World Affairs Club Overview

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Jichang Ni

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PostSubject: World Affairs Club Overview   Mon May 25, 2009 2:51 pm

What is WAC?

The World Affairs Club is the debating club of our school. The club participates in monthly Model UN competitions in the Tri-State area against other schools. If you don’t know what Model UN is, this is the perfect club to learn about it. Model UN is a simulation of the real UN. Participants are expect to research their respective countries and assume the roles of UN diplomats during the competitions.

As you might learn from arguing with your parents or sibling, getting Model UN diplomats to agree with you is a daunting task. Through the use of clever choice of words and a magnetic charm, you can go far in Model UN.
Under the leadership of Ms. Nicole Roper, you will learn about the United Nations rather quickly.

By joining this club, not only will you learn about the tough issues in this world, but also develop your leadership skills. If you are a shy individual seeking to be more charismatic, this is the ideal club for you.

As Jichang of the class of ‘09 like to say, “You join World Affairs Club as a boy, but you leave as a man.”
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World Affairs Club Overview
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